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For Aestheticism, the struggle between life and art is over, and art has won. But the attitude towards this victory is ambiguous. Art might be the redemption of a life improperly lived, but it also might be the insidious source of... [more]

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Aestheticist Fiction
Aestheticist Fiction, Romantic Literature, Existentialist Literature, Post-War Literature, erotic, dark
by Arty
Yukio Mishima is quite possibly my all-time favourite writer. I read his short work, Patriotism, in high school and was compelled to draw a comic which recounted a nightmare I had inspired by the story as an art assignment. (Strange, but true!) I did a sculptural body of work three years ago inspired by my favourite Mishima novel, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Right now, I am reading Mishima's third novel, Thirst for Love. Mishima's work is characterized by it's memorable, often dark characters; he is infamous for his sensational suicide by seppuku in 1970, which he committed shortly after completing his epic tetralogy, The Sea of Fertility. For those of you not familiar with Mishima, take a look at his

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