The Help
Kathryn Stockett, 2009-02-10
The Great Ga...
Peter Hopkirk, 1992-05-15
My Name Is A...
Chaim Potok, 2003-03-11
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Literature does not have the guarantee of immediacy which, say, the Visual Arts or Film or Music all enjoy. Its medium is the written word: there's no color, no sound, no bodies leaping to and fro - there's not even speeches... [more]

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Brian Conn’s debut novel is called The Fixed Stars: Thirty-Seven Emblems for the Perilous Season. It is such a singular achievement that I would urge him to never publish another novel again – or at least to do so under a pseudonym – lest the idiosyncratic distinctiveness of his achievement be burdened by associations with and comparisons to his future – and in all likelihood, one would hope, quite distinct – output. I often think of how sullied Anthony Burgess’ oeuvre has been by A Clockwork Orange – I don’t particularly like the book; undoubtedly, many find that the pall of his most successful novel only heightens the appeal and effectiveness of his other works, imbuing them with unseemly potentials that might not
The prose of Joanna Ruocco’s remarkable debut novel The Mothering Coven is so exuberant and thoroughly enlivening in its contagious and cheeky love for the mutability of language’s meanings that its plot often seemed to serve a subsidiary role to its
I was unable to go to sleep one recent night. My insomnia was only further abetted by what grew, over the course of those frustrated, sleepless hours, into a frenzied state of righteous disgust with Christopher Hitchens' model of intellectual pursuit,
Kim Gek Lin Short has written a beguiling and entirely enthralling collection of related prose poems; it is so unusual and provocative in its subtle oddities that I wonder how aware she is of what she’s done. This is always a

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  • New Text File by noblebandit to Poetry, LITERATURE
    Blue Backgrounds
    In Blue Backgrounds, Noble Bandit takes us on a personal and highly entertaining journey. In twenty-two poems, she shares the truth about social networks, shapeshifters, selfhood and more.
    over a 1 year ago
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    Read Books Online Free
    Read Books Online Free Plus Audio • Library online: Literature on the Internet • Read books online free • Featuring the latest in digital flip book technology • Providing you a unique online reading experience • Short stories, poetry, novels, bestseller, fantas ...
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  • healing
    Sickness and disease is a manifestation of unbalanced Energy. Healing, is a way of balancing all our energy to restore the flow of positive and vibrant life force energy. When the mind is relaxed, free from stress and any tension the energy processed by the mind flows to the ...
    over a 1 year ago

Which Works Have You Initially Disliked But, Upon Rereading, Come To Appreciate, Or Even Love?

The only thing I have tried to reread after, not so much disliking but more just not connecting, is Gravity's Rainbow. A couple of times.
Posted over 4 years ago by sasu
I was initially unmoved by Endgame; now it's one of my favorite works of literature – one of my favorite things in life.
Posted over 5 years ago by Benjamin Gottlieb

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