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Hayao Miyazaki,
The Triplets...
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Tim Hauser, 2009-05-27
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Joe Johnston,Pixote Hunt,
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The word animation comes from the latin "animare," which means "to give life to." Certainly, all humans may be accused of doing this on some level. There is magic (even more than in the medium of film) to seeing the static,... [more]

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‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ tells a classic Roald Dahl tale with an utterly unique creativity. Obviously Wes Anderson had his hand in this...his directing hand. Anderson, the man responsible for ‘Rushmore’ and ‘The Royal Tenenbaums,’ is one of the most exciting directors working today. ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ delivers. It tells a rather classic cat and mouse type tale, but with its own flare entirely. Mr. Fox, saucily voiced by George Clooney, is a thief about to retire from his chicken stealing ways to settle into domesticity and new fatherhood. However, flash forward in time and we see Mr. Fox longing for his old life of adventure, tormenting and stealing from three farmers in particular. Mr. Fox picks up his old ways again
GraceAnne: I like it when music and/or 'musical sound' is used creatively and is incorporated as another 'character' in the film. Can you think of any experimental film that is based entirely on the sounds-musical or otherwise, and in which the
The Street of Crocodiles (1986) was my first Quay Brothers film experience, and I mean experience in the most literal sense. The lights dim, and you slide back in your chair. The screen illuminates with that black glow that spawns a
by Natalie
My previous mention of the Animazing Gallery in NYC was regarding the Maurice Sendack exhibit, which was most definitely exciting for fans of "Where The Wild Things Are." Well, it turns out that Animazing is on a roll with some great

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What's Your Favorite Animation For Grown-ups?

Blood Tea Red String, Triplettes of Belleville, The Periwig Maker, Rock and Rule, The Last Unicorn, The Tale of How
Posted over 6 years ago by Adrienne Rhinehart

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