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Really more of a recent American concept than a true film genre, international film, as the name implies, refers to films produced outside of the United States. But there is a subtle meaning to the term that prevents it from simply... [more]

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(reposted from Matrix Magazine issue #85) The Old Feminism came up with some pretty good slogans. “The Personal is Political,” for instance, still works pretty well! But when the subject of feminism came up in an art history class that I was teaching, I posed this question to my students, most of whom were freshly out of high school: Do you call yourself a feminist? In each class of 30, only one or two students ever said yes, and even then, hesitantly.However! Though this perfectly informal and scientifically un-rigorous survey might dismay the Old Feminists, fear not. The New Feminism only rarely calls itself the “F” word, because so many issues intersect, not only gender. The personal is now more political
I was able to attend two films as part of the New York City Dance on Camera Festival last week at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center. Two nights, two documentaries on contemporary dance, two very different, yet equally
Remember Trainspotting, anyone? A friend of mine sent me this link recently, and wow, I’d forgotten what a great song this was. Danny Boyle’s film is one of my top twenty cinematic faves, the British band Underworld is still going strong,
by Mazi
In the context of Photography, Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida writes: “Photography cannot signify except by assuming a mask.” (Barthes, pg. 34) This mask is the meaning that goes beyond that which is depicted. It goes beyond the face and the

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Is "The White Ribbon", Michael Hanecke's best film?

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