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I live within walking distance of the largest Sears on the west coast. The actual store may not be the largest but the Art Deco building that houses it was once the western distribution center for Sears. This 10 story building covering a vast industrial parcel rises another 4 stories at one corner to form a grand crowning conference room with sets of narrow floor to ceiling windows on the four equal sides. On the outside wrapping the top of this space, to the east, south, west and north, heroic green neon letters announce “SEARS”. If you travel anywhere within miles of this beacon on the east side of Los Angeles, the glowing letters are a marker and reference, a
Often the repetition in advertising creates its own logic. Why is a tiger a better symbol for a brand of sugar coated corn flakes than a white seal? I like to think this character's name is "Frosty the Seal". (After all,
Golconda (1953) by René Magritte (The Sony Bravia ad is directed by Frank Budgen) It is so rare to find a work of advertising that manages to rise above the banality of the grey marketplace in which it
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With an established editorial design background, art director, web / graphic designer Natalia Grosner has recently moved into the world of packaging, marketing and advertising. Grosner’s work features fresh colors, illustrative fonts, and a playful aesthetic. Paying respects to all her

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    Houston Business Cards
    Print inexpensive Raised Lettering Thermography Business Cards for the low price of $13.99. Custom Raised Letter linen business cards. Raised Linen, Parchement or Smooth Finish. Raised White laid Business Cards are very popular also.
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    moobs exercise
    Moobs or man boobs bother about 30 to 40% of the male population. These moobs are fat deposits in the chest area. Sometimes, your chest might resemble a woman’s breast because they protrude. A Moobs exercise plan is the solution you need to remove those man boobs.
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    bark off reviews
    What do you usually do when faced with uncertainties? I usually ask around, look for people who are expert or know something about my queries or just surf the internet for answers. When I doubt a product, I usually look for products reviews. In this website, we aim to tack ...
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That Maxell commercial with the guy's hair being blown back by the sound from the speakers.
Posted over 5 years ago by Chris Vroom
Prince Spaghetti TV AD They invented, claimed, and owned a day just to eat Prince Spaghetti. They created a myth, and that's what the best creative does."
Posted over 6 years ago by Daniel Lizzama

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Taschen New York, United States

“In its SoHo outpost, this Germany-based publisher stocks both hardbacks and paperbacks in a range of categories, from classics to pop culture. It’s a must-see.”

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Mister Artsee Brooklyn, NY, United States

Mister Artsee

Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
artists, musicians, story tellers, composers, urban planners, designers,
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Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY, United States

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Columbia College Chicago is the nation’s largest and most diverse private arts college. Located in downtown Chicago’s vibrant South Loop neighborhood, Columbia is a non-profit creative academic... / read more

TAM TAM Montréal, Québec, Canada

TAM TAM's is an outdoor WEEKLY ritual (Sunday=BIGGEST day) covering MOUNT ROYAL (the mountain) from the bottom to the top with SMILING FACES banging drums, strumming guitars, blowing harmonicas... / read more


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