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  • Daniel truhitte by Daniel Lizzama
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  • Uploaded by : Daniel Lizzama | Tue Jun 16 04:19:09 UTC 2009
  • Description : He Played the Flamingo and Nugget nightclubs in Las Vegas, as the featured dancer and singer, and was Juliet Prowse's lead singing and dancing partner on her United States tour. He has also performed at the Rose Bowl, Hollywood Palace, and Hollywood Pladium, as well as portraying Gene Kelly in the MGM Grands' Las Vegas production of "Halleluyah Hollywood". Entertainment Tonight featured "A Day in the Life of Dan Truhitte" on September 10, 1993 - his birthday. Most recently he has performed on the Queen Mary, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Big Bands Alive in Los Angeles. His delightful and unassuming manner and complete knowledge of his craft have made him a favorite instructor of university stundents and small children alike.
  • Movements : Hollywood Film, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Theatrical Movement, Theater and Performance Art
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