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  • Ba’aka - Hindewhu meets Herbie Hancock
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  • Uploaded by : Leah Pogwizd | Thu May 21 01:07:35 UTC 2009
  • Description : In his 1970s (not not 1980s as the website says) remake of "Watermelon Man," Herbie Hancock incorporated a vocal line from a field recording of Ba'aka (the term for the ethnic group, the term pygmy is derogatory). The problem: he didn't bother to give any credit to the original performers. Its an ethically complicated case that has exemplifies the problems of appropriating world music. The fact that Madonna payed royalties to Hancock when she used the vocal line on "Sanctuary" further complicates the matter.
  • Movements : Pop Music, Funk, Jazz, World Music and Pygmies
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