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  • 30 Minutes of Listening
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  • Uploaded by : IMT Gallery | Fri Oct 19 14:19:38 UTC 2012
  • Description : 30 Minutes of Listening is a unique exhibition by award-winning UK artist Mark Peter Wright at London's IMT Gallery. Reimaging how we listen to, and perceive place, the works presented are the first in a series by Wright which draw specific inspiration and focus from the area South Gare: a designated site of special scientific interest in Redcar, Cleveland UK*. Taking one 30-minute period of listening in South Gare as its point of departure, the exhibition examines and proposes possible ways of experiencing time and space in relation to the act of listening in this unique environment. Wright explores the nature of listening through film, sound, photography, text and objects. Immersing and sometimes disorientating, 30 Minutes of Listening places its audience at the frontier between industry and nature.
  • Movements : 20th-Century & Beyond, Mixed Media, Installation Art, Video Art, Sound Art and Sculpture
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