Joan Jonas

Coil Snake

Pigment print on cotton rag paper
Edition of 30
11 3/8 x 16 1/4 in.
This print benefits CCS Bard's upcoming exhibition 'The Conditions of Being Art: American Fine Arts, Co. & Pat Hearn Gallery (1983-2004)', examining the legacies of legendary art dealers Pat Hearn and Colin de Land.



About Artwork

Some of Joan Jonas’ most recognizable and recent works on paper feature images of animals (winged bugs, fishes, the nude human) with obvious bilateral lines of symmetry drawn in wet media, often times ink. This work, from 2017, features an illustrative depiction of a snake coiled in on itself​ (an animal at once always linear, yet always volumetric) originally rendered in green and yellow dry media. A pioneer of both video and performance art, Joan Jonas has been a significant figure in the international art world for decades and continues to work in video, installation, sculpture, and drawing, as well as with musicians and dancers across disciplines.

About the Artist